It’s all in the delivery (edited)


I sometimes like to look up the daily prompt word, use a thesaurus or dictionary for words with multiple definitions, for ideas other than the obvious. Today’s word, delivery, was nine pages long in the thesaurus and on page 8 was: “state: verb. declare, assert”, etc. “Articulate” is another synonym; in other words how you say something.

Most parents do all they can to show their love for their children – most put the needs of the children even before their own needs/desires. We juggle jobs and chores with kids school work, sports and transportation and forgo a lot of things we’d like to do, places we’d like to go and otherwise sacrifice much in the interests of our loved ones. So, it’s the source of much pain to be even casually dismissed; to have simple inquiries or short, benign dialogue met with curt and rude replies. Showing interest – still – in the lives of our adult children apparently challenges their patience, it’s an inconvenience on their time for them to even show some small amount of respect or that they still care enough to want us to be a part of their lives. Sad.


via Daily Prompt: Delivery


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