Glaring changes from eliminating the toxic work environment


I left my job – voluntarily – April…something, 12th maybe, can’t really remember the exact date – to hike the AT (started that on April 23) and had to get off trail June 9th. Anyway, I have not yet returned to ‘work’ at a paying job, most notably I’ve not returned to work at my profession, since then and I have to say – and I’m sure those who “know” me would agree – that not being exposed to the hostile & toxic work environment from which I quit, has agreed with me: mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It is glaringly evident that removing myself (any oneself) from such an environment is HEALTHY. I feel SO much better about life, specifically LIVING, that I cannot even convey (I guess if I was an adept writer I could) how this has changed how I feel. I have energy and optimism. I see “good people” everywhere in place of the a$$holes that I (thought) were ubiquitous. I have something that resembles ‘hope’ for my future (albeit, I don’t take into consideration that I DO need to get back to work soon) and I’ve made some new friends who I spend time with on a weekly basis doing things – in public; a scene I avoided prior lest I be ambushed by above noted a$$holes. I’ve returned to doing some of the things I used to derive pleasure from such as piece-work (quilting) and working on my property.

I have had such a great last month that I have noticed the difference myself (where we, inhabiting our skins, usually don’t notice those subtle changes). The objective now is, find a job that perpetuates this positive feeling.

via Daily Prompt: Glaring


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