Cleaned out the sun room…again.



My ‘three-season’ porch with Colby

Today I reclaimed one of my favorite spaces in my house; the sun porch. Back, before there were three adults plus a grandchild in my home, I used this space most of the year until winters were too cold to stay out there. With multiple grown people sharing the same living space the porch had become (for the last four years) a catch all – I did not take a before photo, too bad. I’m still on my positive-about-my-house high streak that I wrote about here so I tackled this room and then sent photos and texts to my children; aka: the other adults in the house, basically threatening them to keep it this way. Then I took Colby and his sister, Zoey, for a short hike and when I returned to “my space”, I sat there on the ‘love seat’ with a book and a beer.

What does this have to do with ‘carousel’?, you ask. Just this: the days of our lives are like a carousel – we go round and round with the same activities of daily living; sleeping, eating, working, doing chores and having some fun. The cycle of cleaning up, hoeing out, and living only to do the same thing again later.

Besides, I don’t really care much for merry-go-rounds.

Daily Prompt: carousel


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