Illusions are best maintained when they are closer to home.

Hiking a portion of the AT for 5 weeks taught/reminded me of a few things and I try to continue to reflect on these even as I am back in ‘society’ and attempting to minimize the negative and accentuate the positive: it’s a fine line between open to what’s out there and trying to be optimistic about ‘reality’.

I really don’t like going political but that is hard to evade in our world where almost everything uttered – in person or via media – isn’t somehow twisted into “politically correct”,  “fake news” or “alternate facts” – or just blatent HATE. The cliche “you make your own reality” stings when what we see and what we (like) to believe or experience resides in polar opposition.

Reality is paying hundreds of dollars a month for ‘health insurance’ and then, when you need it, you have to then pay another few thousand BEFORE the insurance will pay any money toward a bill – and then it’s a matter of fine print and legal lingo as to whether or not the insurance companies even pay then. There is a difference in what we want to believe about our healthcare system (aka federal government) and what stares us in the face in black & white on a medical statement.

The belief that our federal and state government (otherwise known as elected ‘people’, for lack of better options) has our best interests in mind/heart when creating laws and policies is an illusion and it’s one in which most of us must surrender common sense and intelligence to keep from slipping into hopelessness and despair. Thankfully there are those with conviction, strength, resources, money, time and that special character that makes them not only persevere to make the world a better place but they spearhead the movement to do so.

I have been abstaining from ‘news’ since before I started my hike and some may say that’s irresponsible but I don’t care; I feel better not “consuming” the daily poison. Some might claim that if you don’t pay attention then you don’t know what’s going on – and, what will you do if ‘SOMETHING HAPPENS’ and you need to react? Well, most people are more than happy to pass along information: “Hey, did you hear about___?” so there’s no chance of not knowing what’s going on. And, there’s not much anyone can do about what IS going on anyway. I’m on the same ship as the rest of the 99% and will do what I have to do at the time. There’s no reason for me to be burdened EVERYDAY by the chaos of government: it’s confusing, it’s disheartening, it’s concerning and no amount of attention from me is going to change that. What does help me is going about my life with the belief that ‘things will work out’ & hope for the best. I am not delusional: I’ve never believed that elected officials strive for anymore than keeping or moving up in their positions of power – we’re not even on their radar except in time for elections.

My re-appreciation of my family and the small pleasures I have in my life is what I try to keep in mind and that’s easier to do if I stay away from the toxic environment of the world as much as I can. I can only try to be positive about the future and it’s much easier to maintain that illusion if I focus on my own small world.

Daily Prompt: illusion


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