Dirty Laundry

I was briefly listening to the radio this evening, what station or who – I have no idea but the duo/trio of “hosts” it seemed were discussing the situation of a inter-religious couple (just like inter-racial, a couple who share a different ‘belief system’ from each other) and they were deciding, in other words – judging, how one or the other should handle the differences and why one is right or wrong, etc.

I thought to myself: since when did what transpires between a couple become everyone else’s business? It seems there is no end to the meddling (almost) everyone does into other people’s personal affairs…and then it’s “aired” – literally, in the media. What’s that adage; don’t air your dirty laundry?

If one friend ‘confides’ in another about a personal issue: 1. It should stay there; 2. even if said friend is made aware, that doesn’t mean that now an ‘intervention’ by said friend is wanted or needed.

Shouldn’t we all pay more attention to our own dirty laundry and let others sort out theirs.

I turned the dial.

Daily Prompt: Meddle


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