30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

I came across some blogs that had a title similar to mine except differing days and I hunted for the source of the challenge, I even elicited the ‘experts’ on WP (I won’t even discuss how dismally that went but I will say that I finally told ‘the expert’ that I thought (they) were deliberately being obtuse after giving me instructions on how to click on somene’s blog posts – really?!). I never did find ‘the source’ but I’m just going to mimic what I saw.

The name of my Blog is Karyn’s Domain. I’ve had other blogs with various names and none of them had any theme, mostly just online journaling – which is what I’m still doing. I have some anxiety about posting my thoughts or experiences online for reasons I think are obvious to everyone. Despite those concerns, many of us cannot resist the temptation to blog because we like to ‘write’, we like to share, we like making connections with other people, blogging has become a fringe form of expression or ‘art’ and because writing/journaling helps us figure ourselves out; sifting through thoughts and emotions to get to a core belief or value.

I’ve been more creative with my blog name prior but many times ‘it’s already taken’ and I finally just settled with my name and the ‘domain’ was because when setting up a blog site you need a ‘domain’ and because I’m tech-illiterate I just used “domain” in my name. It does make a good fit in the truest sense of the word: Karyn’s Domain is my area, my site, my place where my blog with thoughts and expressions live.

Creating a “name” is something that we do want to spend time thinking about – like parents do when expecting a baby. A name means something. A name is life-long. The name of a blog is what might attract readers or it conveys what the blog is about/theme.

I like writing so I got impatient with the name and just wanted to dive into my post. I’ve deleted prior blog sites because I wanted to go in a different direction or I had multiple blogs going and it was becoming a juggling act. I don’t know that sometime in the future when I finally decide on a theme instead of SoC writing, I might change it up again.

So, there it is: my blog’s ‘name’ and why.

BTW: now that I’ve noticed, I have no way to ‘tag’ or ‘catagorize’ my posts. I only have the “visual” and “HTML” tabs up under my title. Wierd.


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