Two websites with quick and creative ideas.

The obvious choice for ‘blossom’ is a flower or the tasteless description of a young girl’s transformation- IMO. I decided that I’d Google the word and see what pops up. I had to scroll down a little but I came upon the following little nugget that is mesmerizing in it’s creativity (yesterday’s prompt).

This BLOSSOM is a Facebook page and it’s filled with all kinds of quick and helpful ‘hints’ and ideas that come in the form of warp-speed videos (at least what I browsed).

Another similar ‘video’ of helpful hints or crafts is You Tube’s 5-Minute Crafts. I was watching over a woman’s shoulder on the train a couple of weeks ago – no audio for me as she had earbuds in but it made no difference, I was hypnotize just watching the really fun creations (and some were lame).

Daily Prompt: Blossom


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