The Trek, my blogs, the AT

I’ve neglected my domain here…I’ve been juggling a few things. As I’ve said before, I have  posts on the website and I will now provide hyperlinks to the last three:

The above was written while I was on a break from the trail.

I’m not sure why the above link is a number and not my title but it’s about getting back on the trail.

and finally this last one is why I got off…again.

I’m off-trail indefinitely but it still lingers in both my conscious and subconscious mind like flashes of a dream that I can’t quite grasp it in it’s entirety and bring to the forefront of my memory. I’m sifting through what it all means for me – which seems, even to me, a little bit like reaching, like making – as the adage goes – a mountain out of a mole-hill (no pun intended) but it has been a significant ‘event’ in my life and I am not ready (nor do I think I really can) to put it to bed. So, I am going to be writing a bit more, here, about my experiences and what they meant to me for awhile longer.


Daily Prompt: Revelations



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