My daughter’s father-in-law (who is that to me, second brother-in-law?) gave me a beautiful necklace; a carved wood Raven on a silky cord and a card with a wonderful sentiment. He decided my AT trail-name should be “BuzzCut”. I wasn’t sure about the name at first but it’s grown on me and if I wait until I’m on the trail, I could be called worse – farts-in-the-wind, roadkill breath, you know. *Back to the Raven: in Greek mythology the Raven was/is a symbol of good luck; Native American lore it’s a creature of metamorphosis, and symbolizes change/transformation. There is more to be found regarding legends, lore and spirituality of Ravens but they are all good and – interestingly, appropriate for me right now. I will keep it with me.

I’m down to less than a week before I get on the Concord Trailways > Amtrak and arrive at Harpers Ferry for the Flip-Flop Festival (FFF) Saturday-Sunday (22-23). I am staying at Teahorse Hostel Friday and Saturday night and thought – subject to change – I’d step onto the trail Sunday afternoon. I plan to take occasional pictures and post at least daily on FaceBook. My The Trek posts and Karyn’s Domain posts will have to wait until I am sure I can recharge soon – maybe once a week. Either way, I’ve found a supple leather old-time paper-journal that I think I am going to splurge on for a comfort item and for ease of keeping track of my journey without using my phone battery.

I have my tent, air pad, sleeping bag set up in my backyard to sleep out tonight. We are/were supposed to get some rain but I think the few drops that fell earlier is it. I guess I’ll have plenty of rain showers to test out my (tyvek) footprint and tent fly soon enough.

On another note: I hiked in Franconia Notch on Saturday with a great group of people through MeetUp. It was my first time with this group and I wish I had more time but I will definitely look them up when I am back home. I also took a very long ‘hike’ in Concord with another MeetUp group (only the leader showed up – it’s Easter Sunday after all) and we spotted a Bald Eagle. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen one ‘in the wild’ and certainly not in Concord. We stood still and watched it for several minutes before it soared away. It was a wonderful morning walking the trails with our fur-babies. I feel so – blessed is the only way I can describe my life right now. I keep meeting wonderful people who are genuinely interested in my journey and want to keep in touch with me.

The Appalachian Trail will be a months-long journey of climbing mountains but the first real challenge was climbing out of my stagnant life and preparing for this moment!


*Daily Prompt: Climbing



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