three weeks before I hit the AT

Because the preparation to thru-hike is not all that interesting, I’ve been reading hikers’ posts instead but in the interest of continuity (for my two followers) I’ll post a short ‘update’.

I’m still making final purchases for my hike – some stuff ‘big purchases’, i.e. a sleeping pad *I’ve decided that comfort for six months/>2000 miles is a wise investment and some small like tweezers. My pre-finished pack weight is 16 pounds! I’m happy with that ~ plus food and water. I’ve reserved my spot at a hostel in West Virginia after I get down there by train. I will attend one day, if not both, for the “Flip-Flop” festival and then commence my journey north on either Sunday or Monday, April 23-24.

I sent my resignation letter very early this morning – a two-week notice because it would just be cruel to quit without one. I already had it typed and sitting in the drafts folder waiting for the ‘right time’ – which leaves me five days of work left in two weeks, and one week to make final preparations and then I leave.

I’ve had or will have my final medical/health appointments as of next week: dental, eye and physical. I could wax and wane on the fiasco that is so called ‘healthcare’ but I won’t bother…some people have nothing. I will sign up for something for my journey – research to be done: ‘travelers’ insurance or ACA?

I have not uploaded any app on my iPhone with which to document my journey – WP or FB. I am not sure exactly what or how I am going to do my journaling but that I had already planned to figure out on the trail to see what works best for me. I plan on bringing paper and pen, which I enjoy using. I don’t enjoy typing on my phone and I don’t want to waste my battery doing so. My initial thoughts are to keep paper journal for ease of use, make FB contact at the end of my day and enter a WP post when I’m with or near electricity to recharge. I haven’t figured out how to upload/post photos yet on WP – I can barely manage that on my computer but if/when I do, I’ll post some pix.

I’ve used my Coleman stove and, although it did work (I boiled water in 15 minutes – which according to responses to my FB post, is WAY too long) I am not sure how much I am going to use it. The ‘danger’ of using a stove in the woods for a cup of hot water made me a little uncomfortable so whether or not I will take it is on the back burner 😉

Car is registered and inspected, dogs vet/groomer/city license all done – pre-paid and taken care of, necessary ‘bills’ are arrange to be paid and I’ve sifted, minimized and packed up a lot of my possessions – because it feels good.

I am surprised that I don’t feel any anxiety or apprehension or having second-thoughts. I know I’ve been planning on doing this for months but now that it’s almost go-time I feel very content. Some posts I’m reading are full of, yes, enthusiasm, but also a lot of stress, indecision, etc. I think the stone-cold realization that we are not going to the moon but hiking a trail along the east coast has a sobering effect. My attitude is: any adjustments I need to make, I will make when I can – plenty of towns with stores along the way and IF (and I don’t see this happening but…) I need to get off and go home, I will. That’s it. I’m not going to starve, freeze to death, get eaten by a bear or asphyxiate from lack of oxygen. It’s a hike – albeit a long one.

So that’s where I am right now. I’m way to restless to sit in front of the computer lately but I appreciate anyone who reads and comments. I expect my blogging will be much more intersting in the future as long as I can write interesting.



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