The latest:

Fourteen work days left, about 4 weeks to departure, I am feeling pretty good, however, this will be a pretty boring post.

I will say, my last day of work started out frustrating and then I reminded myself, with a smile, that I won’t be here much longer so these last few days I won’t sweat the small stuff. I also decided that I won’t work for another ‘company’ that I don’t respect; ‘customers’ always abuse staff about things that we don’t control while the ‘management’ hides out in their mahogany offices. From now on, I will work for a place that I can defend because I believe in them – not because I can’t do anything about it.

I went to REI today and returned my Deuter backpack after buying my Gossamer pack, which I am more pleased with – it’s more stream line and lighter. I also returned my shoes and got some Merrill’s. I bought a buff because I liked it, not because I think I’ll need it, it’s a multi-use item but I will still bring a bandana.

I was happy that I met a guy there that had hike the AT years ago so he shared some tips, one in particular is that the AT tends to be ‘wet’ (unlike the PCT) so he recommended an acrylic bag vs down – which is the opposite of what everyone says so I’m not sure where he was coming from, regardless, I have an acrylic and I was not willing to buy yet another item. Same is true of my clothes, tent, stove, etc. If I get on the trail and I’m really uncomfortable, I will switch something out. I still have a few small but important items to purchase including some food and then I can check out the total weight.

An item I decided against is the GPS with SOS; not only are they expensive and probably unnecessary but then you have to purchase a ‘plan’ (similar to a phone plan) for a few months or a year for another hundred $ or so. Cell reception is 99.9% reliable along the AT so I opted out of that idea.

My two days off have flown by and it’s time to go back to work for the weekend – ugh, so I’m going to end here and get back into my BACKPACKIN’ BOOK by Allen and Mike; it’s fun and informative.








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