Day One.

I decided to tell my family today about my AT plans. *”HI Family”* First I wrote a letter – of sorts – to explain stuff I get all tongue-tied saying, plus all the interruptions while I’m explaining stuff makes the monologue harder for all the detours. After one grown-child read it (and then there were three) and started crying – well, got teary eyed, the others didn’t want to read it so I had to explain from scratch anyway.

First I didn’t think the letter was ‘sad’ but I guess from a different perspective and a soft-heart it could come off that way. I only wanted to share why I decided to thru-hike the AT at this particular time in my life, why I didn’t think ‘waiting’ would be such a hot idea and what I hoped I’d gain from the experience. And, what I hope they gain too.

I am pleased to say that they all were/are very supportive. I’ll admit I was expecting a little drop-jawed astonishment, maybe even a little ‘push-back’ but – nope – everyone thought it was/is a good idea (and I’m not ruling out that one less person in the house might be a little welcomed). I outlined the practical necessities as I’ve doped them out over the last few months; bills, dogs, etc. The only thing left is me getting ALL my stuff together and going.

A weight has been lifted now that I’ve done this thing, this sharing my intentions. Whew! I feel, even with all the ‘packing my pack’ and arranging travel, that I have so much less to do now within the month remaining. I am relieved that they are happy for me and think its “a good idea” (not sure exactly what that says about me :^|   I feel this ‘opens’ the atmosphere up a little bit, well, for me anyway, there’s a shift of priorities and possibilities. Or maybe I just got a positive charge, a jolt of energy and I’m the only one feeling something different.

The sun is out, literally and figuratively, and I feel some true joy today.



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