Three more posts – in one.

I’m posting my posts from The Trek online magazine/website to my personal domain…one step at a time.

This is my second post: The Reason I’m Thru-Hiking the AT

My third post is about Raising the Bar while on the trail; i.e. keep the stress from which we seek refuge at ‘home’.

And this is my fourth post, which was FEATURED !! on the front page (usually there are 4-6 posts pulled from all the contributing bloggers and highlighted on the front ‘page’ of The Trek). In Zach Davis’ book, Appalachian Trials, he poses three questions that each thru-hiker should answer prior to attempting their hike:

  1. I am thru-hiking the AT because…
  2. When I successfully thru-hike the AT I will…
  3. If I give up on the AT, I will…

My fourth post answers the second question..sort of, as you’ll see when/if you read it.

So…this is my second post on my personal “KARYN’S DOMAIN, My Realm of Personal Perspectives” – that’s right here where you are now – in my domain. It’s short ‘cuz there’s all that reading for ya when ya click on those links. Those links are where my mind is at right now. I write my blog posts for Zach’s The Trek, which are published on his site as is. Once there are out there I don’t (think) I have any control over them…no editing or removing. It’s like, I can’t suck those words back in. Here…well, here I can write, post, re-edit or removed/delete if I want to. I can do whatever I want in my ‘domain’.





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