I’ve created this personal blog site because I am blogging for The Trek, which uses WP software and Gravitar for their featured bloggers (I can’t explain it). My posts to The Trek will be posted here as well but I encourage anyone who is interested in reading blogs having anything to do with hiking, check out The Trek, it has EVERYTHING.

I’m going to use this platform to eventually integrate my two previous blog sites so the one or two people ‘following’ me know that I did not just disappear. Besides the blog posts from The Trek, I will be dropping in to write the average-ordinary-everyday stream-of-consciousness blog posts that thousands millions of people all over the world also do.

I’m not raising awareness, promoting a business, creating a movement or in anyway trying to persuade people to see reason (i.e. my perspective) but if any of these things do occur then that can’t be a bad thing. I also do not pay much attention to “followers”. I like to know that someone, somewhere is picking up what I’m putting down and I love to read comments and I will reply back (unless I do disappear) but I am not blogging for a following. I am doing it for the same reason others do; I like to express myself and maybe make a connection.

I also like to read blogs. Lots & lots of blogs. I don’t always “like”, comment or “follow” but if I like something that relates to what I am thinking/writing, I will create a link.

Keep things in Perspective ~ K


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